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About Us

Bird Dog Produce was created with the mission of increasing access to fresh produce nationwide. Our founder, Andy Itule, grew up in a house always surrounded by fresh produce and home cooking. Andy’s father, Willie Itule, founded the family business alongside his wife Lynn nearly 50 years ago. 

“Growing up, I would always bring fresh produce to BBQ’s and gatherings with friends & family. Fruit baskets were a particular favorite gift ahead of the holidays and special events. One thing was always very clear, everybody could immediately see and taste the difference. That’s when I knew I needed to come up with a solution for everybody to enjoy and it has been my mission ever since.”

Bird Dog Produce is proud to work with the top farms in America to bring the highest quality and freshest produce to your home. Our close location to the source, combined with our Continuous Cold Chain give us the opportunity to buy and sell the freshest produce available. 

Let us be YOUR Bird Dog!