At Bird Dog Produce we believe that healthy employees make the happiest ones. We are excited to offer wellness programs to our corporate partners.

Let us help you design a program to reward your employees, lower health care costs & improve recruitment and retention efforts. We can coordinate to keep your break room brimming with fresh fruit, send fruit baskets to celebrate company milestones, or sponsor Bird Dog subscriptions for your team so they can enjoy fresh produce at home.


Bird Dog is passionate about supporting education in our city. One way we support schools is though our school rebate program. We can track purchases made by student families, and a portion of each sale goes directly back to the school. Let us customize a program for your school.


Bird Dog Produce is a Phoenix company that cares about Phoenicians. We have chosen to partner with the following charities to fight hunger in our backyard. Just by being a customer you are helping with this mission. For every 5 boxes purchased, one is donated. 


We recycle all packaging in an effort to reduce waste. We make the process as easy as possible. Simply leave your box, liner, & Ice Blanket on your front porch the day of delivery and we will pick it up and recycle them. Thank you for helping us and your community. 

Local First Arizona

Our founders have lived in Phoenix their whole lives. This community is incredibly important to us. Not only are we local but we support local partnerships whenever possible. Bird Dog Produce is a proud member of Local First AZ.